This site is for the design doers. Design thinking has turned out to be an immensely valuable set of approaches. However, for those who are practicing — or starting to practice — there’s a need to go much deeper than toolkits and bootcamps. We want to learn from those who are doing.

At Design Doers, we catalogue the stories and reflections of people in who are doing design thinking — or design doing, as we have called it.

Let’s start the journey.

Who’s behind Design Doers?

Kal Joffres is the co-founder of Tandemic and heads the design thinking practice there, which focuses on design thinking for social innovation. He is also the author of the Design Thinking Toolkit.

Glenn Fajardo is the Global Network Launch Manager at TechSoup Global. He applies design thinking to technology challenges. He is also teaching a pop-up class at the Stanford d.School.

Viria Vichit-Vadakan is the co-founder of the Social Innovation Lab at Thammasat University where she applies design thinking to base of the pyramid challenges. She was previously a project manager at Ashoka and community manager for

Hannah Abdul is a student at Parsons in New York focused on service design. She previously worked with Tandemic’s design thinking practice.

Yi Zhang is the Stanford Social Innovations Program Director at VIA Programs. She has a strong interest in social entrepreneurship and helped develop the “Design for Social Entrepreneurship” curriculum at the Rhode Island School of Design.


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